Customer Notice

Customer Notice

Phishing scams – a fraudulent attempt to get sensitive information – are very common and can result in the loss of your personal data and/or your money.

Protect yourself and your family by remembering these things:

• If you have any doubts about a link you have been sent, type the website address into your web browser directly or use your mouse to hover over a link without clicking. This will let you see if the website address is relevant to the email you received.

• We will never request your password, pin number, credit card number, CVC number, or access to your device in an email.

• Our automated calling service will confirm your customer number, our telephone number and our hours of operation during the call. We would not ask you to dial 1 to speak with an operator or anything similar. If you receive a suspicious call, please hang-up immediately.

• If you receive a suspicious email or text message delete it instantly and do NOT click on any links or attachments. Do NOT download any attachments.

• If you have accidentally clicked on any links, contact us immediately.

• Forward the suspected email or SMS to [email protected]

• Contact our Call Centre immediately if you’ve:

  • shared your account or personal details in response to a hoax phone call, email or SMS.
  • accidentally clicked on any links or downloaded any attachments.
  • noticed any unusual transactions on your accounts.

Remember, the disclosure of your personal information is a breach of our Terms and Conditions and we cannot be responsible if it results in a loss of money.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. You can reach us on 0800 10 11 70.