Farmers Finance Card has flexible repayment options to suit your needs. As long as you cover the monthly minimum repayment amount, it’s up to you how much and how frequently you make payments.

Direct Debit

Our preferred payment method is Direct Debit. Setting up a direct debit is simple and can make your payments hassle-free. We ensure your payment is made on the due date – if you have nothing left to pay, we won’t take any money out.

When setting up a direct debit, you select the amount to pay:

  • Minimum Payment – this amount appears on your monthly statement.
  • Fixed Payment – pay the same amount as often as you like.
  • Closing Balance – guaranteed to keep you interest free, pay off your Farmers Finance Card every payment due date.

All you need is your bank account number and your 8 or 12 digit account number. You can download a direct debit form here and email your completed copy to [email protected]. You can also post your completed form to:

Farmers Finance Card
Retail Financial Services Ltd
Private Bag 94013
Auckland Mail Centre
Auckland 1142

Alternatively you can give the team a call on 0800 10 11 70 and we’ll get you set up over the phone.


Automatic payments

You can transfer payments directly through your bank's internet banking to make a bill payment or schedule an automatic payment.

By choosing Farmers Finance or Retail Financial Services as the payee you will be prompted to enter the code and reference we need to process your payment. Once you have entered all your details then you are also set up for future payments.

Particulars: Surname & initials
Code: RFS
Reference: Your 8 or 12-digit account number.
To avoid unnecessary delays to your payment please ensure you always complete all above fields.

For any questions relating to payments, please click here to view our FAQ.

Over the counter

Alternatively, you can pay over the counter at your local Farmers store. Simply bring your statement in-store so that we can scan it or have your 8 – 12 digit account number with you, otherwise we won’t be able to correctly allocate your payment to your account.

Please note that we no longer accept payments via cheque. We have continued to accept cheques for as long as possible. However, from 31 May 2021 our banking partner will stop processing cheques.  This means we are sorry to say it is no longer possible for us to accept cheques for payments on your Farmers Finance Card.


Our bank account details

Bill payee: Farmers Finance or Retail Financial Services
Account number: 01-0102-0108100-03
Account Name: Columbus Retail Financial Services Ltd
Bank: ANZ
Particulars: Surname & initials
Code: RFS
Reference: Your 8 or 12-digit RFS account number.

Always complete the Reference field as above to avoid unnecessary delays to your payment